Loading WSPR raw audio data

We encourage amateur radio operators and citizen scientists to save their raw WSPR data in the form of two-minute long .wav files. Load each WAV file into Python by

from scipy.io import wavfile

fn = '170620_1652.wav'  # naming convention is YYMMDD_HHMM.wav

fs, data = wavfile.read(fn)

This will result in fs=12000 Hz and data a 1440000 element 1-D vector of numpy.ndarray.

The WSPR center frequency at baseband is 1500 Hz, so you will see WSPR signals from about 1400-1600 Hz. Signals above and below this are useful as reference, for example on some bands you also get JT65 signals for additional paths to analyze.

This is an active area of research enhanced by the HamSci initiative. We would be happy to discuss this further, look to the left menu for contact info.