Running Matlab from Pytest

A software package may have Matlab and Python functions. Whether or not the Matlab code calls Python functions, Matlab code can be included via Pytest. To test the Matlab functions from Pytest, create a file like:

from pathlib import Path
import subprocess
import pytest
import shutil

R = Path(__file__).parent

OCTAVE = shutil.which('octave-cli')
MATLAB = shutil.which('matlab')

@pytest.mark.skipif(not MATLAB, reason="Matlab not available")
def test_matlab_api():
    if[matlab, '-batch', 'exit(isempty(pyversion))'], timeout=60).returncode:
        pytest.skip('Python not setup in Matlab')

    subprocess.check_call([MATLAB, '-batch', 'test_myscript'],
                          cwd=R, timeout=60)

@pytest.mark.skipif(not OCTAVE, reason='octave not found')
def test_octave_api():
    subprocess.check_call([OCTAVE, 'test_myscript.m'],
                          cwd=R, timeout=60)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    pytest.main(['-r', 'a', '-v', __file__])

This assumes the Matlab test script resides in the same directory as the file, and is named like test_api.m.