CMake, Python and Pytest

Python can easily be used from CMake, perhaps to simplify test scripts for continuous integration. Python scripts are managed in CMakeLists.txt. First, find Python interpreter:

find_package(Python COMPONENTS Interpreter REQUIRED)

Then to run a simple Python script in a CMake test:

add_test(NAME MatmulPython

To use PyTest:

add_test(NAME MatmulPython

That will look under tests/test*.py by default.

From the project directory:

cmake -B build -S .
-S .
relative path to CMakeLists.txt e.g. -S src

This generates the makefile, but does not compile anything, since CMake is a build script generator.


cmake --build build --parallel
Compile code in parallel, if possible.

This uses the appropriate compilers and linkers to generate the executables and libraries.

Execute self-tests you’ve defined with add_test() in CMakeLists.txt:

ctest --test-dir build -V

If that’s too verbose, try:

ctest --test-dir build --output-on-failure

For faster testing by defaulting to running multiple tests in parallel, set CTEST_PARALLEL_LEVEL environment variable.