Analog Devices ADALM-PLUTO SDR quick start

[DRAFT post]

The ADALM-PLUTO is a UHF-microwave (software hackable to cover VHF) SDR with rapidly growing software support, particularly from GNU Radio and Matlab. Don’t freak out about the unshielded case. Like Red Pitaya, PLUTO is an FCC-verified educational tool. An amateur radio license is very useful in general for software defined radio work to avoid falling foul of federal regulations.

Frequency, bandwidth, and bit depth are among the most fundamental specifications of a typical SDR. While the AD9363 is rated for 325-3800 MHz, functionality has been observed to 70-6000 MHz akin to the AD9364. The tunable frequency range is rated as 325 - 3800 MHz. A software hack enables 70 - 6000 MHz coverage.