Bluetooth speaker with FM radio

The Simpowel V8 Bluetooth stereo speaker costs less than $40, has been around for over 3 years (updated in 2016 to Bluetooth 4.0) and despite not having aptX, has adequate quality and sufficiently loud audio. Even in the stands of a baseball game, the Simpowel V8 is loud enough to hear the FM radio commentators for me and the person(s) sitting next to me, albeit set near maximum volume.

Key features of the Simpowel V8 Bluetooth speakers

  • loud audio (baseball stadium tested)
  • FM Radio
  • micro SD card
  • 3.5 mm input
  • can run without battery installed
  • battery is common and trivially replaceable
  • multi-room Bluetooth coverage
  • NFC “tap to pair” and “tap to disconnect”