Zoom Windows 64-bit client

Many Windows users of Zoom may have downloaded the 32-bit Zoom client. We have observed that manually reinstalling the Zoom 64-bit Windows client can significantly help avoid choppiness of Zoom audio/video under high CPU usage. In most cases, it’s good to use the 64-bit version of a program for a 64-bit CPU and operating system. For Zoom as with many other programs, if the 32-bit version is installed, the updater doesn’t go to 64-bit version. The user typically has to manually once reinstall the 64-bit version of the program and from there on the updates stay at 64-bit program. Latency-sensitive 32-bit Windows programs may not work as well as 64-bit programs on 64-bit Windows due to WOW64 emulation for 32-bit programs on 64-bit Windows.