Trendnet TEG-s80g vs. TEG-s82g

The Trendnet TEG-S80g version 3.0 - 4.1 lack LED speed indicators, with only active (plugin detection) indicators for each port.

Model/RevLED speed indicatormetal jacksbuffer memory (kB)MAC address table (entries)
TEG-S80g Rev 1.0yesyes1284K
TEG-S80g Rev 2.1yesyes1288K
TEG-S80g Rev 3.0nono2568K
TEG-S80g Rev 4.1nono1924K
TEG-S82g Rev 2.0nono2568K

The TRENDnet TEG-S80g model has been reliable for me across a decade of use in small instrument networks with challenging physical environments. I have had them survive room flooding, where water drained from the ceiling onto a powered-on TEG-S80g. Upon disassembly there was hardly any moisture inside, and the TEG-S80g continues to function.

Trendnet internals