Satellite Radar Calibration article list

Martian Surface Reflectivity seen by MARSIS

Mars Express Scientific Overview After One Martian Year in Orbit

The SHAllow RADar (SHARAD) Experiment, a subsurface sounding radar for MRO

Analysis of spacecraft antenna systems: Implications for STEREO/WAVES

MARSIS Ionospheric Calibration

MARSIS Calibration Plan

Calibration of the SHARAD Instrument

MARSIS, a radar for the study of the Martian subsurface in the Mars Express mission

MARSIS Data Inversion Approach

Analysis of spacecraft antenna systems: Implications for STEREO/WAVES

RHEOMETRY: calibration of spacecraft via scale model

Cassini model rheometry

Radar Sounding of Mars with MARSIS

An exploratory survey of the attenuation of radio signals by the ionosphere of Mars

In-flight calibration of the Cassini-Radio and Plasma Wave Science (RPWS) antenna system for direction-finding and polarization measurements

Wire-grid modeling of Cassini spacecraft for the determination of effective antenna length vectors of the RPWS antennas

Analysis of sounding antennas of the Mars express MARSIS experiment

Simulation of a surface-penetrating radar for Mars exploration

Radio Wave Propagation Handbook for Communication on and Around Mars