Anker Soundcore Life P2 earbud review

The Anker Soundcore Life P2 has excellent sound quality, but if you plan to use them with more than one device, consider earbuds that have multipoint Blueooth (the Soundcore Life P2 earbuds do not have multipoint).


common characteristics

These notes apply to all Bluetooth earbuds of any brand.

  • it’s best to carry the charging container with you to protect and charge the earbuds when not in use.
  • You may need to manually select “headset” or “stereo” mode in your operating system. Windows for example allows per-app defaults, or switch by clicking on Windows toolbar speaker icon.


  • Excellent stereo sound quality including aptX
  • Works well with single earbud (left or right) and auto-enables stereo if 2nd earbud turned on (or mono if 2nd earbud turned off).
  • four microphones (two per ear) give excellent quality on two-way audio e.g. videoconferencing
  • holds in ear well with several earmold sizes–comfortable used several hours per day
  • USB-C charging jack on container, which fits well in pocket


To me these negative characteristics are serious enough downsides that I would consider buying a different model earbud.

  • no multipoint Bluetooth–switching devices effectively requires repairing each time.
  • flashing status light annoyingly bright, particularly at night. They are like a “mug me” beacon if walking outside at night.