read large RINEX files in Python with GeoRINEX

Reading RINEX files in Python or other languages historically required compiling or buying complex software. We created the GeoRINEX Python 3 program and library to be used with RINEX OBS and NAV files, including Hatanaka compressed files or other compression wrappers like ZIP.

GeoRINEX can even read only every N seconds from a RINEX file with option georinex.load(..., interval=N). This greatly speeds up reading where coarser time intervals than the RINEX file provides is needed. GeoRINEX uses performance-oriented techniques to read RINEX files at speeds approaching compiled languages, using Pure Python + Numpy and Xarray for metadata rich results.

If you use GNSS and RINEX in your work, you may like GeoRINEX for Python 3.