Python scripts from console / command prompt

Python packages can make Python scripts callable from any directory, by adding them to system PATH via the <PythonDistroRoot>/bin directory. On a typical Anaconda Python install, the shortcuts to these scripts are installed in a directory like ~/miniconda3/bin/

Make sure entry points are set up correctly before running pip install, or you will get the VersionConflict error (See Notes at bottom of this article).

Here is a simple example “src/mypkg/” to run directly from console (in any directory) as

add_two 6.75

to get result 8.75. Note that the end user doesn’t even know they’re running a Python script.

#!/usr/bin/env python3
from argparse import ArgumentParser

def add_two(x: float) -> float:
    return x + 2

def cli():
    p = ArgumentParser(description='adds two to number')
    p.add_argument('x', help='number to add two to', type=float)
    P = p.parse_args()


For each function you wish to have be accessible from anywhere on the system be sure there is a function that handles console arguments as in the example above.

Add to pyproject.toml:

add_two = mypkg.adder:cli

VersionConflict error may come from old entry_points in the Python distro bin/ directory that need to be removed.