HF Radar spectrum sharing

Increasing number of broadband HF radars in operation as seen above–figure courtesy https://hfrnet.ucsd.edu/diagnostics/networkstats.php

  • baseband IQ data (not just speaker audio recording) for various HF radars.
  • baseband data from homodyne radars such as the many variants of tin-can radars out there.

The reason is that I find little if any such data publicly available. It can be useful to get a preview of real data before building a hardware version, or as I recommend, configuring a software defined radar.

Motivations for using DSSS on an HF radar include:

  • great range and Doppler resolution.
  • LPI
  • not bothering other spectrum users (narrowband or wideband)
  • low peak power
  • readily doable with < $200 SDR

I can make up hypothetical waveforms as you like. But some people will prefer to see real data a) not interfering with PiRadar b) PiRadar not being bothered by such data. So again, I’m looking for data you’re willing to publicly release say via Zenodo (I can upload for you) so that radar students and engineers can have these waveforms to test coexistence.

HF Radar