OMTI auroral imager at RISR data download

The Optical Mesosphere Thermosphere Imager (OMTI) system used four CCD filtered cameras to gaze at the aurora from 2005-2014 at the Resolute Bay Incoherent Scatter Radar (RISR) site. Distant instruments such as satellites and SuperDARN have been used together with OMTI data in the selection of OMTI-based literature below.

year author name
1999 Kazuo Shiokawa, Yuto Katoh, M. Satoh, et al Development of Optical Mesosphere Thermosphere Imagers (OMTI)
2011 Hanna Dahlgren, Joshua Semeter, Keisuke Hosokawa Direct three-dimensional imaging of polar ionospheric structures with the Resolute Bay Incoherent Scatter Radar (Poster)
2012 Hanna Dahlgren, Gareth Perry, Joshua Semeter, et al Space-time variability of polar cap patches
2015 G. Perry, H. Dahlgren, M. Nicolls, et al Spatiotemporally resolved electrodynamic properties of a Sun-aligned arc over Resolute Bay
2015 Gareth Perry (PhD Thesis) Large scale plasma density perturbations in the polar F-region ionosphere

OMTI data download, plot and register

The OMTI data have been posted along with OMTI-RISR plotting/registration software.

Recursively download OMTI data:

wget -r -np -nc -nH --cut-dirs=4 --random-wait --wait 1 -e robots=off

you can specify individual folders too.