Make a Notepad++ multi-window shortcut

These techniques allow a Windows development machine to use Notepad++ more effectively.

Notepad++ from command line

Add to the user PATH the binary path of Notepad++ – usually it’s like “c:/Program Files/Notepad++”

This allows one to use notepad++ from the Windows command prompt.

Notepad++ shortcut icon open a new window

When using multiple virtual desktops, by default Notepad++ snaps to the other desktop when clicking the Notepad++ start menu icon. Make the Notepad++ icon open a new Notepad++ window by editing the Notepad++ start menu shortcut, appending -multiInst to the right and outside of the quoted full path to notepad++.exe.

That is, the Target field will contain something like:

"c:/Program Files/Notepad++/Notepad++.exe" -multiInst