Matlab upgrade from Terminal

Matlab version upgrade can be initiated from the system Terminal or from the Matlab Help menu. Running the upgrade or Add-On install requires a graphical connection to the computer (Remote Desktop, VNC, or similar).

The bell icon on the upper right corner of the Matlab Desktop typically shows when a Matlab update is available. To force checking for install, even if the bell is not showing an update, under the Matlab binary directory look for “MathWorksUpdateInstaller”

fullfile(matlabroot, "bin", computer("arch"))

Matlab Add-On Explorer must be launched from the Matlab Desktop and likewise requires a graphical connection. In the Matlab binary directory look for executable “AddOnInstaller”


If the graphical connection has a problem like:

terminating with uncaught exception of type (anonymous namespace)::DisplayError: No display available.

try this for diagnosis:


That should return a webwindow object without error (a window does not actually open). If on Linux with a graphical connection and errors result, try renaming like:

r=$(matlab -batch "disp(fullfile(matlabroot, 'bin', computer('arch')))" | tail -n1)


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