Matlab parfor parallel plotting

Matlab plotting can be quite slow, as can Python Matplotlib plotting. Sometimes, Matlab parfor can be used to plot in parallel, when all parfor restrictions are met. However, parallel plotting in Matlab doesn’t always work, or may work on some operating systems but not others. So use great caution if making a “parfor” plotting loop–it may not work for others.

Problems when trying to do relatively simple plots in parallel:

Warning: A worker aborted during execution of the parfor loop. The parfor loop will now run again
on the remaining workers.
Error using distcomp.remoteparfor/rebuildParforController (line 194)
All workers aborted during execution of the parfor loop.
Warning: worker(s) crashed while executing code in the current parallel pool. MATLAB may attempt
to run the code again on the remaining workers of the pool, unless an spmd block has run. View the
crash dump files to determine what caused the workers to crash.