Install Matlab OpenCV C++/CUDA/MEX support

To use OpenCV from Matlab as integrated by the Mathworks, you will need to write your OpenCV calls in C++ and/or CUDA, using MEX. This works on Linux, Mac and Windows.

Type in Matlab:


Select “Computer Vision System Toolbox OpenCV Interface by MathWorks Computer Vision System Toolbox Team” and install.

Note: the examples require particular compilers depending on Matlab version and operating system.

Examples directory contains Computer Vision Toolbox examples from the Mathworks. Find the Matlab OpenCV example directory, in Matlab:


The examples below assume you’re starting from this directory. See the README.txt in each directory for compilation details. Some examples require a CUDA GPU.

Foreground Detector: build example

cd ForegroundDetector

mexOpenCV backgroundSubtractorOCV.cpp

If the example fails to compile due to compiler mismatch, follow the instructions given in the error message.

Run the OpenCV Matlab demo:


You will see a Video Player window pop up with cars driving by, with the cars detected outlined in white rectangles.