Play Motion JPEG 2000 .mj2 lossless video

Matlab can create lossless videos from image stacks or figure series by either:

  • Save PNG image stack, then convert PNG stack to lossless video. This method also works for GNU Octave.
  • Save from Matlab directly as lossless JPEG2000 .jp2 video (as described below)–VideoWriter not available for GNU Octave.

This example saves lossless MJPEG2000 .mj2 video plots directly from Matlab VideoWriter.

v = VideoWriter('test.mj2', 'Motion JPEG 2000');
v.LosslessCompression = true;
v.FrameRate = 5;  % arbitrary

pause(0.2) % let plot wake up
for i=1:.05:3;
    line(0:.01:1,(0:.01:1).^i) % just an example
    im = getframe(f);

Play Motion JPEG 2000 .mj2 with FFmpeg from the command line (outside of Matlab):

ffplay movie.mj2


  • Motion JPEG 2000 is the only lossless compressed format available from Matlab.
  • mmread.m file enables more Matlab video I/O by using FFmpeg and AVbin via the included compiled FFGrab.mex file.