MARSIS Subsurface Measurements article list

A simple inversion model for the estimation of subsurface features of Mars poles

Applying non-iterative phase errors compensation method to restore radar subsurface image

Exploring the Martian subsurface of Athabasca using MARSIS radar data:

Fast radar signal simulator for SAR ground penetrating applications

GLRT-detection performance in subsurface sounding

GPR Missions on Mars

(MARSIS): subsurface performances evaluation

Mars ionosphere data inversion by MARSIS surface and subsurface signals analysis

Mars surface models and subsurface detection performance in MARSIS

Radar Soundings of the Subsurface of Mars

Radar subsurface sounding over the putative frozen sea in Cerberus Palus, Mars

Subsurface sounding in Northern hemisphere for Mars by MARSIS: Mars express mission

Subsurface sounding of Mars: multi-pulse detection of water-related interfaces

Surface echo reduction by clutter simulation, application to the Marsis data

Surface echo reduction by clutter simulation, Application to the Marsis data

The subsurface investigation by (MARSIS)

Subsurface Investigations by MARSIS in Mars Express Mission

Subsurface imaging method (SSIM) based on phase compensation of radar echoes

Structure of the basal unit of the North Polar Plateau of Mars, from MARSIS

The subsurface investigation by Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionosphere Sounding (MARSIS)

Radio-Transparent Deposits in the Elysium Region of Mars as Observed by MARSIS and SHARAD Radar Sounders