MARSIS Ionospheric Measurements article list

MARSIS Ionospheric measurements:

An exploratory survey of the attenuation of radio signals by the ionosphere of Mars

An Imaging HF GPR Using Stationary Antennas:

Areas of enhanced ionization in the deep nightside ionosphere of Mars 

Attenuation of radio signals by the ionosphere of Mars (withers)

Comparison between MARSIS & SHARAD results

Dayside ionosphere of Mars: Empirical model based on data from the MARSIS instrument 

Doppler analysis for data inversion and image processing in the MARSIS experiment

Doppler analysis for data inversion and image processing in the MARSIS experiment 

Dual-spacecraft observation of large-scale magnetic flux ropes in the Martian ionosphere 

Electromagnetic Features of Ground Penetrating Radars for the Exploration of Martian Subsurface

EMI in orbiting sounding radar from ripple in solar arrays

Exploring the Martian subsurface of Athabasca using MARSIS radar data

GPR Missions on Mars

In situ observations of the ionized environment of Mars: the antenna impedance measurements

Ionosphere compensation and stepped frequency processing in the MARSIS experiment

Mars Express: The Scientific Payload

Mars Ionosphere preliminary impact analysis on SHARAD radar signal

MARSIS Data Inversion Approach

MARSIS data inversion approach: Preliminary results

MARSIS Radar Signal Simulation

Modeling the Configuration of HF Electrical Antennas for Deep Bistatic Subsurface Sounding

Nightside ionosphere of Mars: Radar soundings by the Mars Express spacecraft 

Overlapping ionospheric and surface echoes observed by the Mars Express radar sounder near the Martian terminator 

Radar subsurface sounding over the putative frozen sea in Cerberus Palus, Mars

Sharad Design and Operation

Sounding Data with SHARAD & MARSIS

Subsurface sounding in Northern hemisphere for Mars by MARSIS: Mars express mission

The Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionosphere Sounding (MARSIS): concept and performance

The Mars express MARSIS sounder instrument

Transterminator ion flow in the Martian ionosphere 

Two years of MARSIS observations

Electron densities in the upper ionosphere of Mars from the excitation of electron plasma oscillations

Dayside Induced (akalin)

Radar Absorption due to a corotating interaction region encounter with Mars detected by MARSIS

An Overview of Radar Sounding of the Martian ionosphere from the Mars Express spacecraft