Kenwood TS-2000 RS-232 remote baud rate change

Change the baud rate of the Kenwood TS-2000 over the RS-232 serial COM port locally or remotely. Faster rates are less reliable but enable quick parameter changes. 57600 has been reliable for me with the Kenwood TS-2000 for many years, but if you have high stakes operation or a noisy environment, in general slower serial speeds are more robust.

Local baud rate change

  1. menu 56
  2. select your baud rate. Hamlib/rigctl recommends using the highest possible baud rate i.e. 57600 baud.
  3. power cycle the radio.

Remote baud rate change

  1. CAT EX menu item 56.

  2. You can read the current baud rate by sending

  3. The radio will answer back


    which implies 57600 baud since the last digit is 4.

The last digit to baud is:

0: 4800
1: 9600
2: 19200
3: 38400
4: 57600

To set baud rate remotely, send the corresponding command. E.g. to set 57600 send:


and turn off the TS-2000 by sending


Now disconnect, and reconnect at the new baud rate (here, 57600) and turn the radio on by sending:


Note: You can lose communication with your TS-2000 requiring a site visit. Be prepared.