Intel MPI on Windows

On Windows, the Intel C, C++ and Fortran compilers present Visual Studio-like command line options. The correct version of Visual Studio must be installed on Windows for Intel compilers to work. C and C++ use the icl compiler on Windows.

The free Intel oneAPI with HPC toolkit includes the Intel MPI library, which provides mpiexec needed to run MPI programs and MPI compiler wrappers.

Loading Intel compiler environment

Most users use the Intel oneAPI command prompt. Alternatively, run “compilervars.bat” script to enable the Intel compilers for each session. “psxevars.bat” is not appropriate for this setup. For convenience, make a batch script like %userprofile%\intel.bat containing:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\inteloneapi\compiler\latest\windows\bin\compilervars.bat" intel64

set FC=ifort
set CC=icl
set CXX=icl

Intel MPI on Windows is only for Intel compiler

Unlike for Linux Intel MPI, Windows Intel MPI is only for the Intel C, C++ and Fortran compilers and Visual Studio.


Although not often needed, a separate username can be used for Windows Intel MPI jobs by from Command Prompt:

runas /user:username cmd

Environment variables are not passed to the new window, so it may be necessary to run Intel compilervars.bat again. It’s possible to register the user credential in the Windows registry.