Installing Andor Neo/Zyla camera in Windows

This example assumes you have Andor Solis (paid software), which provides the drivers for the Neo.

Free open-source MicroManager can be used with the Andor sCMOS cameras after installing Andor’s no-cost drivers. It’s best to logon to Andor and look under software for Andor’s MicroManager QuickStart guide that tells how to install Andor’s free driver pack for MicroManager.

If you haven’t installed the Neo drivers and install the Neon Bitflow CameraLink drivers, you’ll see this in Windows Device Manager:

Device manager without driver Andor Neo

Windows Device manager without driver for Andor Neo

“PCI Device” is the Neon Bitflow card.

“PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller” is the National Instrument X-series card.

“SM Bus controller” is just the motherboard and is a common sight in some PCs.

While installing the drivers via Solis or the Driver Pack you will have to approve about 5 driver installs then reboot the PC when they’re done. Then you’ll see in Windows Device Manager after rebooting:

Device manager with driver Andor Neo

Windows Device manager with driver working for Andor Neo

First powerup and use of Andor Neo/Zyla:

  1. Power on the Neo
  2. startup Solis
  3. You should see the camera serial number in the title bar.

You must turn on the Neo before starting Solis/MicroManager!

If you forgot, close Solis/MicroManager, power on the sCMOS camera, and then reopen your Solis/MicroManager.