HP Printer setup on Linux

The HP-Setup program sets up HP printers on Linux and is easy to install and use.

Install HP setup program:

apt install hplip

Get the IP address of your networked HP printer from its front panel or the network address e.g. myprinter.local The CLI method is very quick and reliable.


Add the HP printer to your PC by:

hp-setup -i PrinterAddress

where PrinterAddress is the IP address e.g. or a network name like myprinter.local

HP setup will try to select a PPD file, usually it finds a good one. Perhaps name the printer by the room name or department – it’s arbitrary.

After setup, the printer will show in:

  • system “Printers” window
  • CUPS under https://localhost:631/printers/ → Manage Printers


As noted above, this method may not work until HP updates their program to use a current Qt version.

Start GUI by typing hp-setup then select

  1. Network
  2. Manual Discovery
  3. type in printer IP address

The Printer should be instantly discovered and you’re ready to print.