HDFView 3.1.2 bugs

HDFView is useful software, and the HDFView 3.1.2 release was a useful upgrade. However, I wish HDF Group would make better use of semantic versioning as HDFView 3.1.2 is broken on Linux, Mac and Windows as per HDFView 3.1.2 release notes:

For Linux, Ubuntu 20.04 is broken. HDF Group suggests upgrading to Ubuntu 20.10 (not suitable for many). For MacOS, HDFView 3.1.2 does not work on OS 10.15 (Catalina) or 11 (Big Sur). The the vast majority of MacOS users are on those MacOS versions, however. For Windows, the user needs to download an HDFView.bat file to workaround HDFView not starting up from the icon.