HDF5 on Intel oneAPI for Windows

Intel oneAPI on Windows provides an easy way to use Fortran MPI on Windows. The Intel oneAPI compile and link commands on Windows are distinct from those on Linux, perhaps reflecting the internal use of Visual Studio on Windows. The HDF5 1.10.6 release changed the naming convention for the HDF5 Fortran library files on all operating systems.

  • old: hdf5hl_fortran.
  • new: hdf5_hl_fortran.

If experiencing trouble finding HDF5 with CMake, try our FindHDF5.cmake. Our FindHDF5 specifically works with Intel compilers and HDF5 across operating systems including Windows.

To build HDF5 library, including on Windows, use CMake to build HDF5.

If you use include/static you will get errors like

error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol H5GLOBAL_mp_H5F_ACC_TRUNC_F referenced in function MAIN__