HDF5 in Labview

The LabVIEW h5labview package development appears to have slowed or stalled. LiveHDF5 is a more recent method to use HDF5 from LabVIEW.

h5labview is a way to use HDF5 read/write features from Labview.

  1. install VI package manager
  2. download and install the latest SHARED HDF5 library. Get the appropriate operating system and 32 or 64 bits according to your Labview 32 or 64 bits, not the OS.
  3. copy the files hdf5.dll, szip.dll, zlib.dll from c:/Program Files/HDF_Group/HDF5*/bin to c:/Program Files/National Instruments/LabVIEW */resource
  4. download latest .vip file. This will open in VI Package Manager.


If you get an error upon installation complaining about


try rebooting once.