Easy HDF5 Fortran interface

Using HDF5 from any language can be intimidating if directly using the low-level HDF5 API. HDF5 interfaces have sprung up for popular languages that Make HDF5 trivially easy to use, such as Python h5py. Now Fortran also has an easy, powerful object-oriented and functional HDF5 interface named h5fortran. h5fortran builds and connects to your project using CMake or Meson. h5fortran uses Fortran 2008 / 2018 standard code and is tested across multiple compilers including GFortran and Intel Fortran. The efficient h5fortran interface is polymorphic (rank/dimension and type-agnostic) from scalars through 7-D arrays. A companion library for NetCDF is nc4fortran.


H5fortran is simpler to use than even Matlab HDF5 interface.


use h5fortran

call h5write('foo.h5', '/x', x)

call h5read('bar.h5', '/y', y)


use h5fortran

type(hdf5_file) :: h5f

call h5f%initialize('test.h5', status='new')

call h5f%write('/value1', 123.)

call h5f%finalize()