Goldwave audio editor on Linux WINE

Goldwave 5.x is stable and the recommended version to use on Linux via WINE. An open source alternative to Goldwave is Audacity.

To use Goldwave on Linux via WINE:

Install Goldwave prereqs. 32-bit WINEPREFIX is mandatory due to wmp10 prereq.

WINEPREFIX=~/.wine32 WINEARCH=win32 winetricks wmp10

This creates a 32-bit winearch (default .wine directory is 64-bit). The default install options are fine.

Install Goldwave in WINE.

WINEPREFIX=~/.wine32 wine gwave5*.exe

This also creates a Goldwave icon in the Ubuntu apps menu.

Configure soundcard in Goldwave by:

  1. F11 key → Control Properties → System tab
  2. click Use DirectSound AP radio button
  3. click OK to save configuration

You can select “loopback” what you hear audio under F11 → Device → Record and pick Loopback Pulseaudio.

Test Goldwave 5 by F11 key → Device tab and click Test playback button to hear a brief test tone. Create new/save/play sound files with Goldwave 5.7 in Linux WINE

These settings are useful for Goldwave on Windows as well as WINE/Linux.

  • Constantly monitor audio levels: F11 → Record → monitor input
  • label VU graph axes in dB: Right click VU meter → Properties → Show Axis

It’s recommended to use Goldwave 5.x as above on WINE instead. There are some errors but Goldwave 6 still works to record and playback on WINE ≥ 2 using a Windows 7 Wineprefix.

  1. Download Goldwave 6
  2. configure your Wineprefix for Windows 7 using winecfg → Applications → Windows Version → Windows 7
  3. Install Goldwave 6 on WINE
wine InstallGoldwave6*.exe

As of WINE 2.1, error upon opening Goldwave 6 include

Floating point overflow

and there are also

Unhandled exception

on closing Goldwave 6 and it will keep asking you to reset Goldwave settings. Nonetheless Goldwave 6 does record/play on WINE 2.1.