Multiple forks of GitLab repos

GitLab currently does not have a direct means to fork the same repo multiple times. Users may wish to fork a repo multiple times to develop separate features and merge request each feature separately.

Multiple GitLab repo forks are possible by pasting a simple URL into the web browser as follows:

For main repo at

  1. create a New Group with arbitrary name
  2. create a fork into this new group by visiting
  3. rename this fork with the rename dialog, setting the repo URL to be distinct from the original repo name–perhaps repo_feature1.
  4. create an unlimited number of forks of the original repo by repeating steps 1, 2 and 3 for each fork.


For user GitLab installations (such as you may not be able to use this workaround if you can’t create a group. One might have to do things manually in such a situation (and bug GitLab to make this simple and very necessary feature addition).