Windows Git Credential Manager

Git over SSH can use SSH-agent to remember SSH keys for Linux and Windows. For those not using Git over SSH but tiring of typing the Git password, on Windows the Git Credential Manager can fix that situation. The install is small and quick, and to use Git Credential Manager, be sure via

git remote -v

that the connection is https:// and not ssh:// where appropriate. Upon trying to git push or git pull, the Git Credential Manager will appear. It works with Two Factor Authentication as well, storing in Windows Credential Manager. The keys can be deleted from Windows Credential Manager if needed, and / or the Personal Access Token automatically generated can be deleted from GitHub.


If using automatic Git push SSH that would need to be disabled to allow git push to use https so that Git Credential Manager is invoked.


Git Credential Manager Core 2.x is the next generation OS-agnostic Git credential manager that also works on more than just GitHub (e.g. also works on Bitbucket). At the moment, we experienced a bug that prevented using the next generation GCM.