Autogenerated Fortran docs using FORD

This is a basic example of using FORD to document Fortran projects. FORD is a Python program:

pip install ford

Each project will have a that configures and makes description for the main project landing page.

If your code is all under the top-level directory, set like: (this example is for the fortran2018-examples repo)

src_dir: ./
output_dir: ./docs
project: Fortran 2018 examples
summary: Fortran 2018 examples
author: Jane Doe
author_description: SciVision, Inc.
license: by
exclude: CMakeFortranCompilerId.F
display: public
source: false
graph: true
search: true

Put Markdown test of arbitrary length here.
Within the Fortran code, use `!!` on each line with Markdown, Latex, etc.

When satisfied, move the documentation files to the gh-pages branch. This avoids cluttering Git with several megabytes of frequently changing documentation history.