Installing LLVM Flang Fortran compiler

Since 2015, NVIDIA has supported Flang: a Fortran compiler frontend to LLVM. The first Flang was based on the PGI compiler, with proprietary optimizations removed. However, the C-based decade-plus of cruft led Flang developers and management to a ground-up rewrite in C++17. This new Flang f18 targets modern Fortran 2008 / 2018 syntax and is implemented in C++17 internally. Flang became part of LLVM 11.

NOTE: Flang is growing in features and may not be sufficiently feature-complete for modern Fortran until later LLVM 11.x releases.

Build system support

Flang is supported by Cmake ≥ 3.10, although CMake ≥ 3.14 is recommended in general to support more Fortran 2008 features.

Select Flang in the build system as usual by environment variable:


Build Flang

If you it necessary to build Flang, follow the LLVM build procedure with flag -DLLVM_ENABLE_PROJECTS=flang

Building the LLVM Flang Fortran compiler from source is a resource-intensive process. A moderately powerful PC is needed to compile Flang with > 100 GB of free space on the drive you build Flang on. While the Flang install is small, the Flang build process requires a lot of drive space.