Fast file transfer LAN Raspberry Pi ARM

Normally we copy files over the network using encrypted SSH underneath SCP, SFTP or Rsync. In the case of low power ARM CPUs, this may take an excessively long time since the low power CPU is overtaxed with encryption. This method below is highly insecure, only for files you don’t mind sending unencrypted over isolated LAN only (don’t use this on any Internet-connected network!). However it copies files over 10-100 times faster than SSH-based methods with low power ARM CPUs.

Note: You must have the port open in the firewall of the receiving PC.

On file-receiving PC, pick an open port in your firewall e.g. 60123, here we assume the receiving PC IP is

nc -l 60123 | tar xv

On Raspberry Pi, let’s say you want to recursively copy ~/myfiles to the receiving PC over the LAN

tar cfv - ~/myfiles | nc 60123

On both devices, you see a list of filenames as they’re copied. Don’t forget to close the firewall port if you opened on on the receiving PC.