Extracting raw images from PDF

Instead of low-quality screen-shots a PDF to get the images, use Poppler to extract the original high-resolution images from the PDF. Note: only raster images can be exported with Poppler.

Examples of PDF image extraction tasks:

List all PDF images:

pdfimages -list in.pdf

Extract PDF images from all pages, dumping all images in mydoc.pdf to the same directory. Filenames start with out-. There might be a lot of images.

pdfimages -all in.pdf out

Extract PDF images from specific pages: example is for page 3 only:

pdfimages -all -f 3 -l 3 in.pdf out
first page to extract
last page to extract

Install Poppler:

  • Linux: apt install poppler-utils
  • macOS / Linux (Homebrew): brew install poppler
  • Windows: use WSL poppler

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