Auroral camera in Sondrestrom, Greenland

DMC experimental data collected funded by the National Science Foundation and AFOSR sponsored auroral observation instrument: Dual-Scale Multi Camera (DMC). Data is generally sorted into folders by date. Remember to check +/- 1 day from your desired date if you don’t see the data you’re looking for.

The UTC/UT1 times specified in these files are estimates. Error in timing may be as large as a minute for data files in the 2012-2013 seasons because the observations were not hardware-timed.

2015-2016 season: Only the Neo is on site, first installed/focused without BG3 filter on Oct 19 2015, although the filter is available on-site.

2012-2013 season: The cameras were installed under a flat plate of glass, as a dome caused massive distortions in the narrow field image

Camera configuration: 2012-2013 season

Parameter CCD sCMOS
lens Kowa? Marshall 140mm
approx FOV 50x50 deg. 6x8 deg.