Developer computer how big hard drive

Developer computer purchases today should have at least a 512 GB hard drive (solid state drive) and preferably 1 TB or larger. Less than 256 GB hard drive may not be usable for today’s developers. Particularly for macOS and Windows, where Xcode or Visual Studio respectively take about 50 GB of storage, and other developer libraries and toolchains can easily take another 50-100 GB, this leaves even a 256 GB system drive nearly unusably full. To help future proof and avoid installing and uninstalling and moving around files, just get a 1 TB or larger PC if a computer is intended for software development. Computer OEMs make larger storage computers non-linearly increase in price perhaps as a bit of a developer / creator tax. The workaround for this is to get a computer that has replaceable hard drive, but there’s time and risk involved in swapping hard drives as well, as well as typically larger laptop size.