Map coordinate convert Python, Matlab, Fortran

Over the past few years we have created and refined open-source map coordinate conversion programs that are independently available for:

These programs use syntax similar to the $1000 Matlab Mapping and Aerospace Toolboxes, while being independently developed as open-source software. We use continuous integration on each package to help ensure quality results.

The functions available include

aer2ecef  aer2enu  aer2geodetic  aer2ned
ecef2aer  ecef2enu  ecef2enuv  ecef2geodetic  ecef2ned  ecef2nedv
ecef2eci  eci2ecef  eci2aer  aer2eci
enu2aer  enu2ecef   enu2geodetic
geodetic2aer  geodetic2ecef  geodetic2enu  geodetic2ned
ned2aer  ned2ecef   ned2geodetic
azel2radec radec2azel
vreckon vdist