Choosing a tablet PC for creative work

Since at least 2018, the creative work (school, STEAM) tablet market has had Windows and Linux devices as a great choice. Features to consider in a tablet for creative work include:

  • Windows or Linux OS instead of iPadOS or Android
  • cost $500-700
  • microSD slots to expand storage cheaply
  • 128 GB SSD instead of too-small 64 GB (unless you know a microSD card is fast enough for your work)

We don’t recommend the sub-$200 tablets in general due to poor display resolution and slow CPUs.

Windows LTE tablets are in the $700 range, but with mobile phone hotspot plans commonplace, LTE in the tablet may not be necessary. Whatever tablet one is considering for creative work, don’t neglect the ~ $100 keyboard price.

Why not Android tablets

We do not recommend Android tablets in general because they are not as well suited for creative STEAM work, especially a concern for education. We would like to see children become more creators than consumers.

Get more cost effective electronics

Typically look at last year’s models (new, and especially refurbished) to get them at about half the price of this year’s models. For refurbished electronics, the “bathtub curve” of early failure has already been worked out.