Radar operation at low-band VHF license-free

Low-band VHF is within the 50 MHz maximum frequency of the Red Pitaya. This makes low-band VHF convenient for testing and calibration of a radar, even for use as a prime frequency for vehicle detection.

License-free use from 38.25 MHz to 54.0 MHz is governed by 47 CFR 15.209 to 100 μV/m at 3m ~ -55.2 dBm.

Cordless phones under Part 15.233 have a subset of 20 kHz channels authorized for 10,000 μV/m at 3m ~ -15 dBm. These channels are in the frequency ranges

  • 43.71-44.49 MHz
  • 46.60-46.98 MHz
  • 48.75-49.51 MHz
  • 49.66-50.0 MHz

Because essentially no one uses low-band VHF cordless phones anymore (at least in North America), one might consider these cordless phone frequencies as a less congested place to run tests.

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