Measured power consumption of Intel Edison

The Intel Edison power draw was measured while using the Mini Breakout Board.

Yocto 3.0 has PulseAudio, BlueMan, XDG, etc. running in the background; this brings the idle current up 5 times as much as Yocto 2.1. One looking for battery power would perhaps disable these unneeded services.

Yocto 3.5

ActivityPower (mW)voltagecurrent (mA)
booting up (peak)8205.09160
100-150% 1 CPU + Wifi9675.09190
50-100% 1 CPU + Wifi (curl https)8205.09160
5% 1 CPU + heavy disk write5615.10110
powered off (LED only adapter board)< 515.12< 0.01

Yocto 3.0

ActivityPower (mW)voltagecurrent (mA)
booting up (peak)9444.97190
using Wifi  (opkg update)8035.02160
powered off (LED only adapter board)< 515.12< 0.01

Yocto 2.1

ActivityPower (mW)voltagecurrent (mA)
booting up (peak)9848.2120
using Wifi (opkg update)6808.580
typing text (using serial port)3468.6540
powered off (LED is on adapter board)458.95

Benchmarks of Raspberry Pi vs. Beaglebone Black vs. Intel Edison.

The Intel Edison spec sheet shows the idle power with Wifi as 35 mW, while my measurement is 88 mW. I think likely sources for my “high” power reading are the two bright green LEDs on the USB adapter board, and the switching power conversion from 9 V to 1.8 V. I would expect the discrepancy to be less than observed, but my observation/measurement method may be faulty as well.

The fact remains that the Edison draws far less power at idle, perhaps 1/20 the power of the Raspberry Pi 3+ at idle.