Matlab (dark) theme changer

Currently, Matlab does not have a factory-built method to programatically change the color theme of the Matlab IDE (interactive code-editing GUI). Using undocumented functionality (a common technique to do advanced things in Matlab) it is possible to change the color theme of the main IDE. Not all UI colors are changed, in particular the buttons, borders and line numbers remain with the factory colors. Also many data manipulation and analysis UI remain at factory colors. This technique allows users to mitigate the need for an alternative Matlab code editor.

We join the voices of those calling on the Mathworks to make Matlab color theme changing built-in from the factory, particularly to address accessibility concerns.

The Matlab schemer_import utility was a 2018 File Exchange Pick of the Week with favorable comments from Yair Altman among others. If you are currently using Matlab defaults for IDE color, you can use the command schemer_import right away from the downloaded code. If you wish to first preserve / export your existing custom color theme, read the documentation for schemer_export first to ensure your color theme is correctly exported first before importing a theme.