Install IPyParaView in Jupyter Notebook

IPyParaView from NVIDIA brings the interactive local / remote 3-D visualization power of ParaView to Jupyter Notebook. IPyParaView works on Linux, macOS and Windows.

First install ParaView, which is free and open-source. ParaView does not require a discrete GPU. ParaView will generally detect an use a discrete GPU if present, or use the CPU otherwise. CPU-integrated GPUs like Intel Iris are also used by ParaView.

We suggest using Miniconda Python and making a separate Conda environment for IPyParaView. Make the Python release match ParaView. Then install packages:

conda install ipython jupyterlab traitlets

Setup IPyParaView:

git clone
cd ipyparaview
  • Windows: from PowerShell run ./build.ps1
  • macOS / Linux: run ./

Further details and examples are noted in our IPyParaView example repository.