Install latest GFortran on Linux

Newer version of compilers generally have more useful and detailed warning messages. As with any compiler, newer versions of Gfortran may require rebuilding other libraries linked with the Fortran compiler if the ABI presented by libgfortran changes. On Linux, one can switch Gfortran versions with update-alternatives. If experiencing errors getting any version of gfortran installed in Ubuntu, try:

add-apt-repository universe

The latest GCC / Gfortran for Ubuntu is available from the Ubuntu-test PPA. Add Ubuntu-test PPA by:

add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test

apt update

Install the most recent Gfortran listed at the PPA. Switch between compiler versions with update-alternatives.


  • Windows: Install latest Gfortran
  • MacOS: get latest gfortran by brew install gcc