CMake script relocate

When relocating / moving / renaming a CMake script within a project, it may be desired to leave a placeholder at the original script location until users know to use the new script path in the project. Many CMake scripts call other scripts in the project. In general, CMake scripts should use absolute paths, except for install() parameters. That is, CMake scripts should generally start file paths with CMake built-in absolute paths like CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR and CMAKE_CURRENT_FUNCTION_LIST_DIR. If the script directory is changed, the script references to paths within the project will of course also need to be changed.

Legacy users may take a while to start calling the CMake script at the new location. Note that making a softlink will NOT work in general because the path references would be from the placeholder script location, which in general is distinct from the new script location. To bridge this UX gap, create a trivial one-line script at the original script path like: