Zoom vs. WebEx

WebEx has been in web conferencing for a very long time. Zoom’s founder came from WebEx, and Zoom continues to surpass WebEx in terms of stability, quality, and features. We list a few of the most important facets where Zooms wins over WebEx.


An important facet where Zoom beats WebEx is in audio quality. Zoom defaults to automatic gain level audio, which means that a quiet talker’s volume is increased. Zoom allows expert users to bypass all audio processing and/or enable stereo sound. The net result is that too often on WebEx we have inaudible users or excessive background noise. I virtually never have trouble hearing someone on Zoom, while the audio is frequently not good on WebEx.

Sharing files

Zoom allows dropping files into chat, while WebEx does not have this feature.


Zoom offers video filters including low light boost that work well in environments where auxiliary lighting is not available.