WSPR on 60 meters in the USA requires non-default frequency

WSPR has a default frequency for 60 meters (5 MHz band) that is in general NOT correct! For the USA, the appropriate center frequency would be 5.3305 MHz with TX frequency 5.332 MHz +/- 100 Hz.

In this recent 60m WSPR transmission list virtually all USA callsigns you see in there are not currently on legal 60 meter frequencies!

Examples of USA illegal 60m transmit frequencies

Do NOT transmit on these frequencies in the USA! Unfortunately WSPR defaults to these frequencies currently.

5.288 MHz 5.366 MHz

There is pending work to expand these frequencies, but at the time of this writing, these are the legal 60m frequencies in the USA.

The upper edge is 2.8 kHz above the lower edge where the VFO is set in USB mode.

Channel bottom (VFO freq) [MHz]Upper edge [MHz]Channel #
5.35705.35983 (JT65/JT9 popular)