Using SketchUp in Linux WINE

Note: no-cost SketchUp Make 2017 is the last free version, and the last version to work with WINE. Personal users can consider web-based SketchUp. Wine is required for SketchUp 2017. WINE uses SketchUp Make 2017 Windows 64 bit.

  1. setup Windows 7 64-bit Wineprefix:

    WINEPREFIX=~/.wine_sketchup winecfg
  2. Installer will ask to install .NET 4.5, which takes several minutes (the progress bar will advance).

    WINEPREFIX=~/.wine_sketchup wine SketchUpMake-2017-2-2555-90782-en-x64.exe

Sketchup 2016 Windows 32-bit install with WINE:

wine SketchUpPro-2016-1-1450-80430-en-x86.exe

To fix error

SketchUp was unable to initialize OpenGL

when trying to use SketchUp under WINE on Linux or Windows, type regedit and edit the key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Google/SketchUp8/GLConfig/Display = 1

open source SketchUp alternative: OpenJScad