Wireless trackballs

Trackballs declutter busy desks and can be more comfortable than mice for precision pointing. Logitech trackballs also support Linux, paired and configured via Solaar. Every few months, you can pop out the trackball and clean the rollers or just blow on them to get the dust out.

The Logitech M575 was released in 2021 and is similar to the M570 with the added benefit of working via Bluetooth Low Energy or the Unifying receiver.

The Logitech M570 was released in 2010. The M570 is a user-maintainable trackball with back/forward buttons and clickable roller for programming and web-browsing convenience. Logitech M570 has proved durable on the road and during heavy usage.

The $100 Logitech MX Ergo was released in 2017. The Ergo uses Bluetooth Low Energy or Unifying receiver.