Stop MATLAB high CPU usage on Idle Windows/Mac/Linux

After opening the Matlab Help Browser (and even after closing just the Help Browser while keeping Matlab itself open), you might see that Matlab uses 100% of one CPU core at about 25% duty cycle.

workaround for high Matlab help CPU usage

This is a one-time fix, it’s a persistent setting.

  1. Type in Matlab:
  1. restart Matlab
  2. Open and close Matlab Help Browser; you should see that the CPU is not hanging at 100% after closing the Help Browser.

However, this simpler Help Browser is not as graphically nice as the default Java Help Browser; sometimes clickable links are broken in the help files.

undo workaround

Revert back to the default Java Help Browser with this one-time persistent setting:

  1. Type in Matlab:
  1. restart Matlab.